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世界杯盘口赔率波胆  《方舟生存进化》中的生存者笔记是用来了解游戏背景剧情的绝佳途径,下面是由玩家“小白狼125”整理的《方舟生存进化》焦土全生存者笔记内容,把焦土所有的生存者笔记全部列出来,包括英文原文和中文翻译,一起来看看吧。




世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I had to pickthe desert. Why the hell did I pick the desert?

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Well, I suppose "pick" is a rather strong word for it. I’m still notentirely certain just how I got that console working, but it suddenly startedcycling through holographic images of different destinations far from theisland that I’d been living on. Of course, I just had to go and press anotherbutton while it was showing off one that contained miles and miles of bloodydesert, and here I am.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  That’s just typical of me, isn’t it? Always leaping, never looking. Oh well,better make the best of it, and by that, I mean "better not die of heatexhaustion."

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我非得选择沙漠!为什么非得选择沙漠?

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  好吧,我承认“选择”这个词用得不恰当。我仍然不是很确定我是如何让那个操控台运转的,不过它突然就开始循环播放一些距离孤岛非常遥远的地区的全息图像,我从没有到过这些地方。当然了,当它显示到了一个有着无边无际的沙漠的地方的时候,我便走上去按下了操控台上的另一个按钮,然后我就到了这里。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  真是典型啊,不是么?总是一股脑向前冲,从不顾及周边环境。哦好吧,随遇而安吧,在这儿我是指,最好不要死于中暑。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  My huntingskills are seriously out of practice. Not that I was ever spectacular, but Ifeel like I’d graduated from smashing bugs with a rock at some point.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  At least I was thoroughly rewarded for my efforts. My hunch was spot on thesebig green bastards are carrying drinkable water on their backs, and thankgoodness for that! I may have never known if I’d killed a red one first, sincethose carry oil instead. Far less useful when you’re dying of thirst, let metell you.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I may be fighting the inevitable, though. I’m still on foot and still alone.Definitely miss Athena.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我的狩猎技巧严重退步了。虽然我从来不擅长打猎,但是我现在感觉好像我以前就是靠着用石头砸虫子凑合着的。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  至少我的努力还是有所回报的。我的直觉告诉我那些绿色混*蛋(水壶虫)的背上储藏了可以饮用的水,谢天谢地!如果我先杀了一只红色的虫子(油壶虫)的话,我恐怕永远不会知道这一点,因为红色的虫子储藏的油。如果你快要渴死了的话,油一点都不管用,相信我。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  或许我现在正在和不可抗拒的命运作斗争。我现在还是孤身一人徒步前行。我很想念雅典娜(海伦娜在孤岛上饲养的阿根廷巨鹰,由于孤岛上的战乱没有带入焦土)。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I’m on a roll.By sheer coincidence, I stumbled into another group of survivors today, andthey didn’t try to kill me or anything. If I didn’t know how probabilityactually worked, I’d say that this recent string of good luck is the universemaking up for sending me to the bloody desert in the first place.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  The caravaners were welcoming, and the creatures they ride are fascinating.They seem like dinosaurs, but they also appear to share some biology withcamels. Bizarre! For all its oddities, the island never had anything like that.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I’ll have to study them… after a nap. All this desert survival’s left meknackered.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我真是好运不断。在机缘巧合之下,我撞见了另外一群生存者,而且他们并没有试图杀了我或是对我做别的什么。如果不是我撞大运了,那么就是上天为了补偿将我扔到这个该死的沙漠中。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  这个旅行队的人很好客,而且他们骑得生物很迷人。它们看起来像恐龙,但是它们又好像和骆驼有什么生物学上的关系(驼峰兽)。太奇怪了!我在孤岛上从没有见过任何像它们的生物。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我必须研究它们……不过我先要睡一觉。沙漠求生让我筋疲力尽。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  If I’d ended upin this place instead of on that island, I’d have never imagined the ecosystemwas natural. Not for two seconds.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Take these morellatops: they’re a cross between a ceratops, a morelladon and acamel, and the strangest part? There are places in its humps where you canstick a spigot and get clean drinking water. Tastes like piss, but not only isit safe, it doesn’t even harm the morellatops. It’s crackers.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Definitely the result of genetic engineering, but I knew that, didn’t I? It’stime to get to the “why.” Maybe studying the creatures here with my newperspective will yield some insight.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  如果我最先到达的是焦土而不是孤岛,我一定不会认为这里的生态系统是正常的,一秒都不会。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  拿这些驼峰兽来说吧,它们好像是角龙、morelladon(这个生物没有中文名,貌似是一种有背帆的禽龙……?)和骆驼的混合体。最奇怪的是,它们的驼峰上有些地方可以让你插一根龙头进去喝到新鲜的水。那水喝起来像尿(我发誓我再也不喝驼峰兽的水了!),不过这个水是无害的,而且这么做根本不会伤到驼峰兽。真是疯狂。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  这绝对是是基因改造的结果,不过我早就知道了,不是吗?现在该想想这是为什么了。也许研究这里的生物会为我带来一些新的发现。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Today, I caughta glimpse of what the caravaners call the "Endless Dunes". Thedesolate sea of sand that apparently surrounds the livable portion of thedesert on all sides.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Now those dunes can't literally be endless, but it's easy to see why one wouldthink that. Not only do they, stretch on to the horizon, but they're home to getto... get this... giant sand "worms" that will devour anything thatsets foot in their domain.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I laughed that off at first. Then I saw a creature the size of a train burst upfrom the sand and devour a wild morellatops that had wandered into its territory.I suppose I'll just have to learn to walk without rhythm...

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  今天我看到了被旅行队称为“无尽沙丘”的地方。这片无际的沙海似乎从四周包围了这片沙漠中可以居住的地方。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  当然啦,这片沙丘不可能这的是无尽的,不过很容易可以看出人们为什么这么称呼它。这片沙丘不仅绵延万里,而且这里还是这些……这些巨大的“沙虫”(死亡蠕虫)的家园。它们会吞噬任何踏足它们领土的东西。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  一开始我还对这些说法嗤之以鼻,直到我看到了一个如同火车般大小的生物从沙子里冲出来,吞噬了一头误入它领土的野生驼峰兽。我想我以后走路要非常小心了……


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  As absurd as theDeath Worms are, I see their purpose. They are a natural barrier.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  If this whole place is a space station posing as a real ecosystem, then itneeds to keep the wildlife and humans inside it contained in a way that appearsnatural. The island accomplished that by simply being an island, and the desertdoes it via the Death Worms.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Granted, a large population of predators with ludicrous kilocalorie needs wouldnever last long in a place as devoid of prey, but as this is an artificialenvironment, the station can feed or, replace the Death Worms as needed. It's alittle convoluted, but it makes sense.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  尽管死亡蠕虫很古怪,不过我能明白它们存在的意义。它们就是天然的屏障。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  如果这个宇宙空间站想要伪装成一个真正的生态系统,那么它就需要做到能够把居住在其中的野生动物和人类限定在一定的活动范围内,同时又要显得自然。孤岛通过成为一座孤岛(四面环海,没有出路)来达到这一目的,而焦土就通过利用死亡蠕虫。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  当然了,如此大量的食欲旺盛的捕食者(为什么我在焦土就没见过几只蠕虫)肯定不会再一个食物如此匮乏的地区活这么久的,但是这里是一个人为制造的空间,空间站能根据需要喂养或者替换这些死亡蠕虫。这有点绕,但是是合理的。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  备注:可能有很多玩家认为方舟(Ark)指的是地图中漂浮的三个巨大的塔,这其实是一个误解。方舟指的是搭载了整个地图的宇宙空间站。如果有玩家打通了孤岛的最终boss,就会看到方舟的全景。那三个塔的正确叫法应该是方尖碑(官方名字Obelisk,原意是来自古埃及的方尖碑)。为了避免在后续的翻译中出现误解,我就按照正确的叫法来翻译了,大家如果不习惯的话也请谅解。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Time to go overthe facts.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Like the island, this desert is a space station posing as a naturalenvironment. It is inhabited by a large population of dangerous, geneticallyengineered creatures, and a small population of humans that are struggling tosurvive. This whole environment is then deliberately contained by a combinationof a holographic horizon and natural barriers.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Assuming the other space stations are at all similiar, then this whole thing isstarting to look like some kind of bizarre experiment on a grand scale. Yes,each station would represent an experimental group, and...

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I'll have to continue this later. One of the caravan's scouts just returned ina panic. Something about rocks being alive, which is of course ridic.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  是时候理清一下事实了。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  就像孤岛一样,焦土是一个伪装成正常生态系统的宇宙空间站。焦土中居住着大量危险的基因改造过的生物,以及少量挣扎求生的人类。这整个空间四周由全息投影出的边境线和天然的屏障包围着的。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  假设其他的空间站也是类似的情况,那么这整个东西现在看上去就是一个规模巨大的怪异实验。对,每个空间站就是一个实验组,然后……(我们就是小白鼠)。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我稍后会继续记录。旅行队的一个侦察兵刚刚一脸惊恐地回来了。好像在说什么石头活过来了,这当然是在说胡话。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I long for thedays when I thought a tyrannosaurus frolicking through the snow was the heightof absurdity. Compared to yesterday, that seems commonplace.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  As the scout had so eloquently put, the rocks were indeed alive. Alive, in theshape of a massive, bipedal golem and exceedingly angry. I was too shocked toscatter like the others when it charged, and for a moment, I was certain that Iwould die.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Then something even more ludicrous happened - lightning crashed into the golem,but it didn't come from the sky. It came from the mouth of a bloody dragon.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I don't recall much else. Fear and instinct pretty much took over for the restof the day, and while that helped me survive, I'm once again on my own.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我曾有过很长一段时间认为暴龙们在雪地中嬉戏是一件非常诡异的事。和昨天发生的事情相比,这都不算什么。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  根据侦察兵生动的表述,石头真的是活的。活生生的,如同一个两脚行走的巨人,而且非常生气(楼主在石头人这里翻了无数次车,惨不忍睹的历史)。我见到它的时候吓呆了,没有和其他人一样在它冲过来的时候四散奔逃。有一瞬间我认为我死定了。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  然后一件更为荒唐的事情发生了——一道闪电打中了岩石巨人(说好的石头人不吃元素攻击的呢?),但是那道闪电并非来自天空。发出那道闪电的是一条***(脏话,不翻译了)的龙。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  其他的事情我不记得了。那天,恐惧和本能操控着我所有的行动,虽然我活了下来,但我又是孤身一人了(你体验过被石头人团灭的恐惧吗)。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I remember now,the dragon had a rider. Rather, the wyvern did. Two legs means its a wyvern.Strewth, listen to me, fighting to survive and still finding time forsemantics.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  The rider was covered up too well to get a good look at them. Could it havebeen Mei Yin? No, that's stupid. I don't know if she's even alive, much less inthis desert with me. It would be just like her though, to have tamed themeanest thing here so quickly.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  It's nice to pretend that a friend might be looking out for me, at least. Wewere sort of mates, right? Sort of.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I could really use one right now. A friend, I mean.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我现在想起来了,那条龙有一个骑手。好吧,那是一条双足飞龙。两条腿,双足飞龙(注:在西方,龙有很多种叫法,dragon、wyver、drake等等,相应的龙的分类也非常繁琐,有兴趣的童鞋可以自己去研究,反正楼主已经晕了)。呼,瞧瞧我,在挣扎求生的同时还有时间搞学问。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  那个龙骑士全身裹得很严实,根本看不清面貌。会不会是美盈(孤岛的独狼——兽林女王)?不,这个想法太蠢了。我都不知道她是不是还活着,她不可能跟着我来焦土。不过这很有她的作风,如此迅速地驯服了最凶猛的野兽(有谁还记得美盈单人驯南巨的)。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  至少假装自己有一个会替自己望风的朋友还是不错的。我们是朋友,对吧?大概。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我现在真的需要一个。我是指,朋友。


世界杯盘口赔率波胆  Well, I found anew best mate. The little fuzzball isn't exactly what I meant, but I'll takeher.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  I've dubbed her species Renopila Amplexus. They're small, cuddly littleherbivores, and as far as I can tell, taming one has no practical use. I justcouldn't let the her starve to death, though. I guess all this rubbish withgolems and wyverns has quelched what was left of my scientific instinct toleave nature to nature.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  At least we provide each other with a little warmth at night, and her anticshave helped to keep my spirits up. I suppose I'll need to give her a name.

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  好吧,我找到了我的新朋友。这个小毛球并不是我最初要找的,不过我会带着她。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  我认为她属于一种跳鼠。跳鼠是一种小小的、非常可爱的小型食草生物,据我所知,驯养它们并没有实际的用途。但我只是不忍心让她饿死(我也不忍心,所以我养了一群)。我想,那些岩石巨人和双足飞龙已经把我的科学家精神打了个稀巴烂,自然该是怎样就听之任之了吧。

世界杯盘口赔率波胆  至少我们两个在晚上可以互相取暖,而且她可爱的举动能让我开心一下。我想我应该给他起一个名字。


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